Thursday, March 22, 2012

A 'Designated Free Speech Area'? What the fuck is that?

JARDINE: Yellow stripes clash with red, white and blue

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I need to start this off with a note to the editor:
Put a bright yellow border around this column with the words "Designated Free Speech Area" stenciled in.
That would match what Modesto city officials recently imposed upon the sidewalk at the transportation center downtown.

Designated Free Speech Area at Modesto CA Transportation Depot

Read the entire column in my local smut sheet, The MODESTO BEE.
Please read it.

Jeff Jardine is the Community Happenin's writer for the Bee - covers all kind of weird shit - and while I mostly don't agree with most of what he says because he's a commie newspaper reporter, he's dead on with this column.
A designated Free Speech area is a contradiction of terms - If you have a designated area to speak in, then it isn't Free Speech now, is it? It's now restricted speech.
Just goes to show what a bunch of fucking idiots we have running our City and police department.

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Stinkwilly said...

Got to agree with you Ken, but in the same breath, I have to say, that Americans are getting exactly what the fuck they deserve for letting this kind of shit happen in the first place. These motherfuckers keep coming up with these stupid regulations when they don't get THEIR way and then shove it up the sheeples ass a little further because they won't do anything about it. The people have done nothing in the past about it and they KNOW the sheeple won't do anything NOW for fear of being labeled a trouble maker extremist.They have been dumbed down to think this, and then, they all go back to watching DWTS, or KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS and all is well...........till next time. Who needs free speech anyhow.??

Anonymous said...

Yeah 8:23 that`s about the size of it.Give the fat assed slob`s their booze and dope,pass law`s making it legal to sodomize one another then hypnotize them with boobtube nonsense.For the most part the mindless protoplasm that inhabit`s this place is unworthy of the sacrifices of past generation`s.