Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Disgrace To America

Woody told me about this flag as he was coming in to work and I was leaving.
I hadn't even read anything about it yet and I open up an email from the author of An Ex-Con's View and find a link to one of his posts concerning it.
See, I appreciate shit like this because when Woody turns me onto some political smut that he knows is going to piss me off, I start formulating a post on my hour drive home. Okay. notice I said an hour - by the time I get home I have so much shit swimming in my head that it's a wonder you get more than one post a day. When folks send me links to articles they've already written, it makes my job a LOT easier, especially when I agree with everything that's said. Well, except for when he compares Idi Amin and Obama. C'mon now, he ain't that bad. Give 'ol Idi a break, man.

A Disgrace To America

The wannabe dictator, Barack “President-for-life” Idi Amin Obama has the audacity to have the members of HIS political party place his image on the Nation’s Symbol, our “Stars and Stripes” that so many thousands have given their lives for in defense of the nation for which it stands, in the service of our nation in the military as well in the diplomatic corps, on the American flagged vessels rushing aid to disasters, on the Merchant Ships that under these colors were sunk providing aid to our allies and every American that has gone forth on expeditions or on charity work and lost their lives.
Read the rest HERE.  This guy's fucking pissed.

If you haven't heard about the incident yet, go HERE and read all about it.
Fuck it, I'll save you the trouble and post it now

Tempers are flaring over a version of the American flag flying in Lake County. A veterans group says the flag is an outrage.

The flag, which features a picture of President Obama, was taken down Tuesday afternoon.

Korean war veteran Don Van Beck said his blood was boiling.

"I can't describe how upset was because you just don't do that to the American flag," Van Beck said.

Van Beck found it flying outside
Lake County Democratic headquarters under the stars and stripes. Marine Corps vet John Masterjohn was seeing red.

"Joseph Stalin, pictures of Mao, pictures of Adolph Hitler. The pomp, the ceremony -- the flags like that," Masterjohn said.

Nearly a dozen veterans went to the door and aimed to take it down.
"No. This is private property. This is private property. You're not allowed to touch anything. I'll call the police," Democratic Party chairwoman Nancy Hulbert said. "Just went online. Just went online and looked up the flag code. There is no higher-up in Lake County. I'm responsible. I take responsibility."

"If you've been a veteran and fought -- and some died for this flag -- you don't want to see it desecrated. That's how simple it is," Van Beck said.


There you have it, folks. Nancy Hulbert is responsible. Give her a call and tell her what you think.


Stinkwilly said...

Somebody ought to smack that cum suckin bitch right in the piehole for putting that ugly obama SHIT FLAG on the flag pole and her trying to defend it staying there. It should be taken down, wipe our asses with it, and mail it to the whitehouse.November is coming but not near fast enough.

Goldenrod said...

This piece of Fuck that shamlessly portrays himself as 'leader of the world' has nothing more in mind than to be dictator of the planet.I suggest we tatoo a replica of Mohammad fucking a pig and drinking swine blood onto his skinny black ass and turn him loose in Afghanistan.....naked.

Goldenrod said...

BTW, Fuck Obama, his next of kin and ALL his tribal members.

Wolve Rine said...

Has that fucker been ripped down yet?
The article mentions a group of veterans confronting the senior pandering whore of the dem headquaters.

Wolve Rine said...

Has anyone ripped that fucker down yet?

Stu said...

Wad that fucker up, soak it down with some gas, shove it 3/4 up her ass and light it up, kick her in the teeth till it goes out.....communist cocktail.

Anonymous said...

What would be said if Regan had had this done or let this happen on his watch? How about the two Bushes if they had done this to the Flag?
I wonder if cuntion or carter had done this would this of been accepted?
I wonder what would be done and what would be said?
Just can not wait for the meteors to come, so GOD can sort it out. Maybe we will get lucky on the 21st of December of this year. One can only pray for it.

Jesus Barbie said...

Ovomit had to put his mug on there because the 57 stars wouldn't fit.....

Uriah said...

People have been doing that the last few years, but that' the first time one was hung out in public? Mao & Stalin would be proud.