Monday, March 05, 2012

He's lost his identity

I've got a reader that was wondering if somebody can help him out with a blogger issue.
He's got an avitar but when he comments all that shows up is the orange blogger symbol next to his name instead of his bad-ass avitar.
Now I know this isn't a matter of life or death but it is one of those things that gets to a man. He found an icon that he likes, uploaded it, posts a comment and and and....... it's the same deal. He tries to correct it and nothing happens. He tries again. Nothing. He shoots his computer. Still nothing.
He then goes on a rampage, ramming cars, running over evil cats and the next thing we know, he's occuppying an ice cream parlor out of frustration.
We don't want that to happen. Can anybody help him out with something so simple that we're both overlooking it?


Anonymous said...

is the format of the picture supported? is the filesize within the limits?

rpm2day said...

I never made it to the orange blogger part...sorry.

Swamprat said...

Both of your comments don't have an icon. I'm really not sure about size, but I think it's correct, cause When I signed up for the site and posted the Icon, it appears among Kens Friend Icons at the bottom of his page so I know it loaded ok.

I just can't figure out why it's not tied also, to when I post a comment. Again, thanks for the thoughts though.

Cheesy said...

He'd probably do a lot better hanging out in a bar rather than an ice cream parlor...

Brock Townsend said...

It's probably Yankees......:)

Swamprat said... least YOU got an avitar ON your comment Brock. :-)

Any Idea how ya did it?

I'm a Boston Red Sox fan myself.

I know, I know...what ya ment.:-)

Skip said...

It's 'cause your on 'The List'.

Anonymous said...

The List, yeah.

I don't know shit about blogger--fuck Google--but on Wordpress the avatars have ratings like the movies, if you don't set yours at G, or PG. It won't show up anywhere because the automatic screener thing thinks you're Anthony Weiner.

Fuck Obama.

Swamprat said...

Ya know're probably right. Been on "The List"...all my life. :-)

Swamprat said...

Thanks guys...fuck it.
I just couldn't figure it out. No Biggie...
I ain't gonna go up on the Bell tower or nothin...aka Harry Chapin... :-)

W. C. Taqiyya said...

I have the same problem. But I'm stupid so I have an excuse. Gonna poke around on the various buttons for a few days and then shoot myself.

Oh yeah. Fuck Obama.