Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm in the wrong state again, dammit.

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) —The reward for killing a coyote in Utah will more than double though a law Gov. Gary Herbert has signed.
Herbert signed Senate bill 245 during a ceremony at an archery shop in Salt Lake City on Saturday.
Republican bill sponsor Sen. Ralph Okerlund of Monroe says the current $20 bounty on coyotes will become $50 with the signing of the bill.
Okerlund says coyotes present a serious threat to mule deer as well as livestock.
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources mammals coordinator John Shivik says coyotes can cause problems but a bounty is inefficient for protecting wildlife.
The Utah Humane Society opposed the proposal because they say a bounty encourages the needless killing of coyotes and traps could threaten house pets


fel said...

Son of a Bitch, If Missouri had this law, Ide be $150 richer just this year

Anonymous said...

I'm actually surprised there even is a bounty. Studies show that when a pack gets broken up by predation(choose your own caliber and hollow point configuration here), and especially if the Alpha female is killed, reproduction of all the remaining females resumes,and a potential population increase occurs. This is otherwise quelled by the alpha female who is usually the only breeding female in the pack. That being said, it might mean more fun for varmint hunters, but it throws things out of balance. No worries, I've pulled the trigger on a few coyotes, but one would think the HSUS would have the state in a sling of litigation over this. Trust me, I'm close to the Oregon and Washington efforts to control California sea lions at Bonneville dam on the Big C. The population is fine, so there's no ESA issues, but the bunny huggers are hard at it to stop lethal control. The HSUS should stick to puppy mills.

Anonymous said...

Coyotes, wolves, what's the difference? We get 'em mixed up here all the time. When the coyotes quit barking that means the wolves have moved in or are passing through. A coyote's call is music to my ears. I woulder how Utah handles the killing of wolves accidentally? Might be they're up to something...

Uriah said...

I've lived in Utah for years, and been to Cali more then I wanted to be, I'd take Utah anyday. I don't remember there being a bounty when I lived in UT, maybe there was back then?

Skip said...

When I was a kid [back before they invented dirt] here in Kali it was $2.50 for female ears and $5.00 for male.
Me and the old man usta pay for ammo that way.