Sunday, March 25, 2012

It could be fun

Me and Miss Lisa was driving down the road talking about our upcoming nuptials, actually we we're laughing about it and she turned to me and said "You know what, this is becoming a fucking circus. You know anybody with a monkey?"
From there it went to hiring a clown, the Monster School Bus (see the earlier post), maybe getting one of those little clown cars and hire about 15 illegals to pile out of it because they're good at hiding in confined spaces, maybe a petting zoo but without the goats because we don't want any muslims crashing the wedding. After the illegals get finished doing the yard, maybe we can grease CharlieGodammit down with bacon grease and watch the kids try to catch him out there. Hell, we can even have a couple cockfights out in the backyard.
Scoring some Xanax off Mom was brilliant.