Sunday, March 25, 2012

It works both ways, Mo.

SANFORD, Fla. (WOFL Fox 35) — The New Black Panther Party came back to Sanford with a vengeance, the shouted “black power” and “Justice for Trayvon,” rallying at the memorial near the scene where Trayvon martin was shot and killed, they didn’t hold back their anger.
“It’s time for us as black men, to take justice in our own hands,” said Mikhail Muhammad of the New Black Panther Party.
The panthers say they plan to recruit 10,000 men to search for George Zimmerman and arrest him.
“We want to search, mobilize, organize for the capture of George Zimmerman and we will bring him to justice,” said Muhammad.
Their message was offensive and violent at times.
“You kill mine, God D***it, I’ve got to kill yours,” said Muhammad.
They cursed and lashed out at Zimmerman, Sanford Police and even the special prosecutor Angela Corey.


Anonymous said...

Ya know if there was any real justice in this world there would be a way we could round up everyone like this guy-King Sha Mir Sha Baz ,Al Sharpton ,the Jackson`s ,Jeramiah Wright,David Duke and his KKK buddies,all these Nazi asshole`s Put them in some kind of closed arena lock them in,throw in all kind`s of weapon`s,gun`s knife`s Machette`s brass knuckle`s etc. Then say "Allright go for it mother fucker`s" life would then be a lot better for us all.White,Black,Latino Oriental or green skinned Martian.

Uriah said...

So, it takes 10,000 people to find one that isn't hiding, as far as I know? Just a hunch, but my guess is the first few won't make it.