Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's getting close

All right, only a couple more hours til the Big Event and I'm a married man again.
I slept pretty good last night, got up at a decent hour this morning and got shit ready.
Things are actually looking pretty good except for the storm front that moved in a while ago.
Miss Lisa spent the day yesterday tightening up the house and when she got up she started in again. Then she got some of those Scentsy things that you put over a low heat and it stinks up the house with shit like Rose, Vanilla and other assorted stink-ums.
I fired up the smoker and took care of that shit real good. The wind shifted and started blowing the smoke right into the house so instead of Vanilla, the house smells like a patch of mesquite caught fire. Much better......

But yeah, I'm as nervous as an altar boy at a monastery. I'd rather face down a 12 gauge than stand in front of a bunch of people while trying to be nice.