Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's shedding season, can you tell?

CharlieGodammit hates for me to brush him or tug the loose hair out of him, making grooming him a real pain in the ass.
The first thing he'll do is whip around and grab my hand. If I do it again, he'll grab again and growl. After that he justs lays down on his back and wiggles to avoid the brush. This shit will go on for about 30 seconds until I get belligerent with him by raising my voice and pushing and pulling him into position. Then and only will he let me brush him and even then he gets real pissy when I get around his neck and throat.

This shit's been going on for 2 years now and nothings changed. And yeah, I've tried all the tricks that worked on all my other dogs. Nothing works. A muzzle helps when I can get one on him but he absolutely hates anything around his snout and using a fucking muzzle doesn't do a lot of good if you're going to get bit putting it on. Dogbit is dogbit no matter when it happens.

As a result, he gets brushed out only when you can see a cloud of hair following him when he runs and even then I have to talk myself into doing it. It wouldn't be so bad if it actually did any good - I can spend a half hour combing him out, making him look 10 pounds lighter and filling 2 paper grocery bags packed full of Charliehair and 2 hours later the motherfucker has a halo of hair again.

If he wasn't such a great dog in every other respect I'd shoot that sonofa....... aw hell, no I wouldn't. I've had dogs that were just fucking worthless and I kept them around.