Monday, March 26, 2012

Low-class government housing tenants

A newly found photo that appears to have been taken by the White House itself shows that Michelle Obama last month conducted a sweaty workout session in the East Room as part of an appearance she will make on TV’s “The Biggest Loser.”
The ornate and historic East Room is a national treasure that has been used for events like presidential press conferences, command performances by the world’s greatest musicians, the signing of historic legislation like the 1964 Civil Rights Act, shimmering White House parties, presidential awards of military and civilian honors, and the funeral of Abraham Lincoln.


No fucking respect at all. If she wanted to do this then the White House gym would've been the place to film it, not the East Room.
And how come she isn't wearing a 'Biggest Loser' T-shirt? She's earned hers for sure.


Anonymous said...

Think this is something?.You Tube this:"All this for a damn flag!".

Anonymous said...

"And how come she isn't wearing a 'Biggest Loser' T-shirt? She's earned hers for sure."

They didn't have any that just said "Loser" on it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Public Housing ... and they'll treat it the same as all other public housing.

Brock Townsend said...

“The Biggest Loser.”

She certainly deserves the title.

Swamprat said...

How come the only other "black" in the room, layin our countrys Rug...seems to have fallen on his ass? Even MOOchelle is lookin at him.

Skip said...

That is OUR fuckin' house!
That fat ho is stinkin' it up.
Whats next, watermelons in the Rose Garden?
Fuck Obama!

Uriah said...

Watermelons in the Rose Garden? That actually sounds good, there HAS to be a place somewhere on the grounds to grow a few. I noticed little MEXICO stickers on the melons last year at one store, so I get them elsewhere.

These people have no concept of respect, not a one of them. When President Reagan was President, he wouldn't even take his coat off in the Oval Office... and what was Clinton doing in there?