Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A new subscription for Deb


Tattoo Jim said...

Well.... they do taste a bit like chicken....

rpm2day said...

So, uh, which one is the pussy again?

Hello Birdy said...

Cat's are noble creatures and fierce hunters. Pound for pound they are as badass as any animal on this planet. It's not fair that fags and chicks monopolize the lives of those poor little creatures.

Now Let's review, Cat are fast, graceful, sneaky, smooth, quiet, tough, ruthless and will sleep with you when you are sick. Compare that to your woman and I'll be you will be surprised.

There is no comparison between your dog and your wife. Here's the test. Lock them both in the trunk of your car for about 12 hours. Then let them out and tell me which one is happy to see you.

Deb said...

Love the title on the right, "5 Signs Your Cat is Gay"!

I thought I'd print this out, nail it to the pine tree out back, and use it for target shooting.

Anonymous said...

5 Signs Your Cat Is Gay?

1. It stays on his lap as he tickles its balls.

Do we really need more than number 1 to tell us the cat is gay?

Scott said...

This guy should just go shoot himself.

BigRed III said...

Kenny, did you find that at your chinese restaurant while waiting for your order.
Pussy is tasty.

Anonymous said...

Probably the first pussy he`s ever had his little pink finger`s in.