Monday, March 26, 2012

Official Terrorist Identification Chart


Anonymous said...

Seriously,Man it`s mind boggling what has gone down here in the last 3yrs.And we thought liberal democrat`s were all about touchy feely getting back to nature and fuckin one another in the ass!.The public school system and television have done an excellent job dumbing down the clueless masses. Check it out,just for shit`s and giggle`s in the course of conversation casually mention "Pre Crime Detention" and "N.D.A.A." (Nazi Doctrine Applied in America) and look at the blank stare on their face`s.To the M.S.M. actor`s who every night get on the boob tube and proclaim "Ja!,Ich vil das Obama Reich!" - Someday the monster you are creating will come for YOU!.Last train for American Auschwitz,now being loaded at Grand Central station.

Ron Russell said...

Sometime reality sucks! Stealing this image for my site at Political Incorrectness