Friday, March 23, 2012

Okay, I haven't been carded since I was 32

I got off early today and took the back roads home so I could spot any coyotes that might be hunting the late morning and quickly found out that I was out of Copenhagen. Oh well, there's a store up the road 4 or 5 miles.
I pulled in and parked, scattering the chickens that were pecking in the dirt lot and went in for a bottle of water and a can of Cope and this fucking girl behind the counter looks at me dead serious and asks me for my ID.
"Say what?"
"State law says I have to card anybody buying alcohol or tobacco products to ensure that they're not underage" she says in an obviously often repeated monotone.
I grabbed my grey beard and waved it at her. "How's this for ID?"
She sold me the can.


Brian in Florida said...

And yet you do Not need ID to vote. Go figure

Anonymous said...

Woman with power. Hateing men.

Anonymous said...

I'm use to it. Retired military. Always get carded and the Navy Exchange and gas station.

Fuck Obama

Tattoo Jim said...

Been there, done that at the local liquor store here in N.C...... their excuse, "well, you can never tell about someone with a beard"... lady, my beard is fucking white!!!! In police terminology, they call that a clue!!!

Sarthurk said...

Oh get over yourself!

RicharR said...

Had that happen to me here in Tennessee. Gray beard and bald and the bitch looked at me with a blank stare until I showed her my drivers license and she got animated again. WTF?!?! That was for a twelve pack of Bud. So I go next door to the liquor store to get a bottle of whiskey and nothin'! Thank you sir, have a good one! I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Local Wal-Mart covers their ass by carding anybody that appears to be younger than forty.

Glenn B said...

love your response to her asking for IB. I was ID'd a couple or few years back at a bar. I pretty much gave a similar reply as was yours. They let me in and had a good laugh over my graying beard that sadly has not had the gumption to grow back strong since radiation. It is getting better, it grows about a quarter inch a week. I am waiting for it to grow faster before trying to regrow it to cover my ugly mug.

All the best,

Brock Townsend said...

Lucky man!:)

rpm2day said...

Didn't work for me when I tried to buy beer at the local stop and rob W/O my driver license. I guess you're more charming than I am!

Stinkwilly said...

Shit, all you dudes over 35 should have dug into your change pocket and give the sweet little thang a quarter for asking for an ID. heh heh

Swamprat said...

I've had that happen a couple times. Most of the time, I just look at the punkass 19 year old, stroke my mustache, and my crows feet, and ask..."Do I look older than your Dad"? I get my beer.

Did have one "gotta do my job" asshole refuse to sell me a case. I just said, "If this store is that fuckin stupid, that they hire "clones" like you...keep your fuckin beer, there's a 7-11, right around the corner." The manager came up to me as I was leavin, as I had created such a stink. "I'm sorry Sir, but Rules are Rules".

"And ASSHOLE, STUPID is STUPID," Are you telling your cashiers are made to "card" people in wheelchairs???

Know what he told me? "We have to be FAIR to all sir." I just looked at that piece of shit, and went to the 7-11 and bought my case from another 19 year old...with some god damn common sense.

PS. I went back to that "grocery store" a few months later, and THAT stuid shit had stopped. AND, the dumbass manager, had been replaced.

Uriah said...

I started buying beer when I was 16 and never got carded. The drawback is now that I'm in my 40s I look like I could retire any day.

Tobacco though, never carded. I started buying snuff when I was about 12 I guess and nobody gave me a second look, different world back then. Back when Skoal and others were giving away 'free' trial cans, we'd hit every store in the area to get ours.