Friday, March 23, 2012

See, I think of other shit besides politics and camel toes

I'm seriously thinking that the one invention that changed the lives of American women for the better is - are you ready for this - the clothes dryer.
Think about it. Constant backaches from toting the laundry basket out to the yard, then having to bend to get the clothes to hang over and over and over again.
Shit was time consuming, backbreaking work, man.
I can remember my Okie grandma hanging clothes in the backyard and that was in the late 60s. After Bud finally broke down and bought her a dryer from Montgomery Wards, she had so much free time on her hands she made him go down and buy a TV set.
Myself, I couldn't imagine living without a washer and dryer.


Anonymous said...

Ha, this brought back a memory...I remember seeing a PSA in high school that stated the automobile helped to liberate women.....the reason given?......women could get into a car and go to town to shop WITHOUT waiting for the man to harness up the horse!!!!!


Cheesy said...

Not to mention all that time wasted talking to the neighbor over the back fence by the clothesline...

Shell said...

Washing and drying clothes ain't my favorite household activity but damned if I ain't glad I don't have to tote 'em to the river and beat 'em on a rock to clean 'em and then hang 'em up to dry, Winter and Summer.

Uriah said...

Everybody around here has a washer these days, dryer, not so much. Lots of people (including myself) still use a line. I do have a dryer, but lots of folks still don't in these parts.

Mary Q Contrarie said...

I think it is the Washer that changed women's lives more than the drier. I choose to air dry all my clothes. I use a rotating outdoor umbrella clothesline. I spin the lines to come to me and I always put my basket up on a little table so there is no leaning over and I do not have to keep moving the basket down the line. I love that the way my clothes feel coming in off the clothes line.

Washing clothes by hand is real back breaking work. I am thankful everyday for my washer.

wirecutter said...

And there you go, the wisdom of a woman. Shows what I know, huh?
Thanks for your input, Mary.