Sunday, March 04, 2012

Time to start stocking up

I was sitting here a little bit ago thinking about the Great Ammo Scare of ‘08 and got thinking about the same thing happening again.

Those were some trippy times, weren’t they?
Anybody that’s reading this knows what the GAS was so I’m not going to go into explaining it but I’ll damned sure admit that it kinda sorta took me by surprise. Allow me to explain:

I reload my own ammo but I don’t constantly reload like a lot of guys do. I may not load a single bullet for a year or 18 months and all of a sudden I’ll notice that Holy Shit I’m down to my last 100 rounds of whatever, and I’ll unpack my gear and load every fucking piece of brass I can lay my hands on, emerging a week later all red-eyed and covered in gunpowder dust with my right arm bulging from cranking on that Rockchucker, but I’ll have so much ammo laying around I’m tripping over it. So because I do it that way, I tend to buy my powder a few pounds at a time and 5-10,000 primers at a whack. Bullets, I don’t even think about. I bought approximately 2.3 million bullets of every conceivable style and weight during a methamphetamine and whiskey fueled 3 day run back in the mid-80s (that's right, I wasn't always the fine upstanding citizen you all know and love today) and I’m still loading those motherfuckers.

So guess when I ran out of ammo? Right in the middle of the GAS. Now, I had just enough powder and primers for this run, but it was going to leave me high and dry as far as supplies go and I don‘t like to be left high and dry on essentials such as food, Copenhagen and gunpowder, so I started putting out the word that I was looking to score.

I was skulking around gun shows, hitting gun shops in little bitty fucking towns, calling my gun guys at home, asking when their next shipments were due, meeting people on streetcorners.

I was starting to feel like I was doing dope again, man.

I mean, I had gun guys. You shouldn’t need gun guys, but I had ‘em. Friends that I actively cultivated that worked in or owned gun shops, fellow reloaders, shooters that I knew that lived in faraway states back east like Ohio and Florida and Nevada. But it paid off.

{Middle of the night call} “Hey Bro. Whatcha doing?”
“Sleeping. Somebody better be fucking dead.”
“Better than that. My cuz just called and said she’s got a case of primers. Wanna go in half?”


“Kenny? Listen, I’ve got some H110 coming in next week. Would you like me to hold a couple of pounds for you?”
"How ‘bout you hold 5?”


“I’ve got a thousand primers for you sitting in front of me. I’ll hold them for you.”
“Great, I’ll be down Saturday. Thanks, man.”
“No, I’ll hold them til 4 PM tomorrow, After that, they’re going on the shelf.”
“Fuck. I’ll be there.”
Shit, now I’m calling in sick for ammo supplies…..

Then people started calling me. Now I was feeling like I was back to dealing that dope again.
No way in fucking hell was I breaking loose with any of my stash but I was damned sure hooking people up with each other. If I made a commission on every deal I brokered, I’d still be spending that money.
Then I started getting calls from guys that wanted me to load for them. Those deals were hard to turn down - I could’ve tripled my money if I was that way.

Fuck, I remember at one point my uncle mentioned that he was using small rifle primers in his handguns.
“What? That’s fucking stupid, man. You’ve got no idea where your pressure’s at with rifle primers.”
I ended up loaning him 5000 primers.

And let’s not even talk about the prices of powder and primers. Okay, just this: primers more than doubled in price. They dropped some after shit leveled out, but it sure took a lot of the savings out of reloading.

So my whole point here is that we can probably expect the same thing again.

Neither Santorum or Obama Lite are known as friends of 2A, and if Paul gets elected it’ll be a fluke.
Obama is a known enemy of 2A and this will be his last term if he’s re-elected. He has absolutely nothing to lose by completely dumping the Second Amendment and there’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll attempt to severely restrict if not completely eliminate our Right to Bear Arms.

Get ready for the rush, folks. It’s gonna be worse than Black Friday at the Walmart come November, no matter what the outcome is.


markshere2 said...

I be up to about 1200 pounds of smelted wheel weights for casting bullets.

I got a 8 or 9 thousand assorted primers stashed.

There's about 30 pounds of powder ratholed around the manse.

But I gotta buy a buttload of shotgun primers pretty quick.

2008 launched my serious foray into reloading for fun and prep.

Both lads are into it and all the chickie babes they bring here get to shoot every time.

They always go home grinnin'

Sarthurk said...

I just got into my stash from twenty years ago when I lived at the range. I flat forgot how much in the way of components I actually had. I just loaded about 1200 rounds of various calibers in the last week. I have a list for the gun show on Saturday. And yeah, I think I threw my right shoulder out, but I'll probably load more tonight. It's a ploy to avoid whiskey, and it's working!