Saturday, March 03, 2012

Two homes destroyed by twisters in a year and he calls it quits?

HARVEST, Ala. (AP) — Cody Stewart is done owning a home for a little while. He has lost his house to tornadoes twice in 10 months.
A killer twister wiped out his neighborhood in the epic Alabama storms April 27, causing Stewart $40,000 worth of damage that forced him to temporarily move in with his parents. In his house for less than two months with repairs still incomplete, another tornado hit again Friday, ripping off the roof, slinging it into the backyard and leaving the walls bowed outward.
This time, the damage is beyond repair.
"I kind of expected there to be more storms again this year, but you never expect it to hit the same place twice," Stewart said Saturday as he stood in what remains of his wood-frame home. "I think I'm going to live in an apartment awhile. I'm not superstitious, but it just kind of seems there's a path here and I don't want to be in it again, and I hope other people make the same choice."


Shit man, go for it. What are the odds of it happening again?


drjim said...

He needs to build a cinder-block house.

Angrymike said...

Steel, he needs a steel house. That's just plain messed up.
God bless that poor man!

Bob said...

His new apartment mates probably feel the same as if Jonah moved in next door.

Bushwack said...

fuckin Rednecks. Building their house out of balsa wood and beer cans?.. Poor bastids.

Derka Derka Danny said...

Sometimes - just sometimes - a person can be hit by the same sort of tragedy repeatedly and this is one example, and the guy thinks, "You know - every time I get knocked down, I get up again, and I only get knocked down again. God has me on His shit-list and for whatever reason, He doe not like me, so I'm just gonna say screw it,try to g my way and leave Him alone & see if it makes Him happier." Not sayin' it's right, but it is a very real feeling, especially if stuff goes like that for 10 or 15 years or so...

markshere2 said...

Similar situation.....
Airplane crashes off the end of the runway at Tinker AFB in OKC,OK.

Local TV interviews homeowners near the crash site and asks how they FEEL knowing that several planes have crashed near there over the years.

Local yokel says, "I feel fahn. Shoot, lighnin' don't never strike twice in the same place."

Recalling time lapse photos of tall buildings in storms, I immediately tagged him as a moron.

Thinking about proximity of ground to airplanes and "critical phases of flight", I can to the conclusion that "just off the end of the runway" is NOT the safest place on earth to live.

I'd suggest a little historical research before buying another house/ rebuilding in that location.

There might BE A REASON he got slammed twice.

Ramon said...

This is about ten miles north of where I am currently living. A co-worker lost his house back in '98 and rebuilt it. Then lost it again last April 2011. On the first one, he was hiding in the closet with his daughter. On the last one he was hiding in the closet with his wife. He figured twice was enough. He rebuilt about 25 miles southeast and just moved in arould Christmas 2011.

One of Friday's tornadoes was on almost the exact same track as the other two. It went through about 200 yards from where his earlier home was located. It took about 8 or 9 months to get the insurance paid.