Thursday, March 29, 2012

We're fucked

Got this video link from Lee.
Sobering, to say the least.


Brock Townsend said...

Seems like I've seen this before, but well worth while to see again. Posted.

RichardR said...

He forgot the three hundred + billions 'we' send to Israhell so they can fix their streets and other infrastructure while ours is falling apart due to budget cuts. He also forgot about the military aid 'we' send them because they want bigger bombs. Oh, and might I mention, they, Israhell, never signed the NNPT. I could go on, and yes there's more, but I'm hoping you already know that.

Zavost said...

Richard, you must not have been paying attention. He stated that ALL aid to foriegn countries would be cut. I believe that this includes Israel. Damn, you must really hate Jews. How about the billions sent to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? Is that ok with you?

Have a great wedding, Wirecutter.
As always: Fuck Obama.


RichardR said...

Zavost, if you ain't American, but are getting 'aid' from the American tax payer, then yes I hate you. Fuck Obama and all his minions. I hate that sumbitch, too.

Zavost said...

Good man. We're on the same frequency.

Fuck Obama.


RichardR said...

Zavost, yup. Hey Ken, good luck and all the best to ya, man.