Sunday, March 18, 2012

Woo-hoo. Party on.

I had a mild headache when I went to Pops' birthday thing today but after 2 hours of screeching females (men were outnumbered 3-1) it had developed into one of those pounding, cringe-at-loud-noises, get me the fuck home headaches.
I ate 2 tylenol there with no effect whatsoever so when I got home I wolfed down 4 aspirins and wandered into the bedroom where it was quiet until I could get some relief. Miss Lisa came in and offered one of her painkillers. Now, I won't take any kind of narcotic unless my fucking eyeballs are bleeding or worse, but my head was fixing to explode so I took her up on her offer.
An hour later the headache's still there but I could give a fuck less. I'm so godammed loaded that if the house caught fire I couldn't make it to my phone to call the fire department.
Miss Lisa's got some good shit, man.