Sunday, March 18, 2012

Woo-hoo. Party on.

I had a mild headache when I went to Pops' birthday thing today but after 2 hours of screeching females (men were outnumbered 3-1) it had developed into one of those pounding, cringe-at-loud-noises, get me the fuck home headaches.
I ate 2 tylenol there with no effect whatsoever so when I got home I wolfed down 4 aspirins and wandered into the bedroom where it was quiet until I could get some relief. Miss Lisa came in and offered one of her painkillers. Now, I won't take any kind of narcotic unless my fucking eyeballs are bleeding or worse, but my head was fixing to explode so I took her up on her offer.
An hour later the headache's still there but I could give a fuck less. I'm so godammed loaded that if the house caught fire I couldn't make it to my phone to call the fire department.
Miss Lisa's got some good shit, man.


Mozart said...

Makes you appreciate your young and dumber days.

What the hell, atleast it's not a habit anymore, that's the way I look at anyway.

Party on dude: )

Anonymous said...

Ah so grasshopper....Ha, I've dealt with migraine pain like that for 45 years. Started with migraines when I was 11.
The thing that I find with most headaches is you aren't hydrated enough. 2 quarts of fluids per day minimum.
If that doesn't work or if you are already at that level of fluid intake...and you still get a "banger" of a headache (HA), I usually get relief if I take a coupld of ibuprofen and a benadryl. Into bed with all of the blinds closed and sleep for a couple of hours. Migraine HA's seem to have a histamine componant to them. Don't know how but this line of thinking is being explored by HA researchers. Taking benadryl seems to stymie that hystamine feedback loop and will help with the pain.
Anywho, hope this helps for the next time and I hope this HA finally dissipates.


BigRed III said...

Kenny, careful with the tylenol that shit is fuckin' poison, don't mix it with aspirin either. Aspirin is much better. the good shit you took, check it out, most likely a tylenol base. The FDA are a joke, in bed with the lobbyists.
Your post the other day on the "vintage" heroin would be a better juice for your headache.
I ain't no saint as I would have been knockin' some jack shots and beer if I had to deal with that 3 to 1 situation. Throw that tylenol out.

Ramon said...

Been there and done that (more or less). My pain killer of choice is asprin blended with caffine. Three of those will knock it most of the time. If it doesn't, it is at least reduced to a manageable level.

angrymike said...

The ladies seem to be able to get anything they want from the doctors, they just explain how us guys are the biggest pains in the ass, and the doc turns to jelly.