Saturday, April 28, 2012

20 years ago when LEO was afraid.....

..... Heroes came forward to help, risking their own lives.
We all saw the images of Reginald Denny getting the shit kicked out of him in LA but I never knew how he was rescued. Here's the story of 4 people that risked their own lives to help a man they didn't even know.
Maybe Obama, Sharpton and Jackson should look to these folks for advice on how NOT to divide our Nation by race.

In one of the most disturbing images from the Los Angeles riots, six black assailants dragged Reginald Denny, a 33-year-old truck driver, out of his truck in South Los Angeles and bashed his head in with a brick. A television chopper broadcast the violence live. The attack happened shortly after not-guilty verdicts were handed down in the racially charged trial of the police beating of Rodney King, which kicked off six days of rioting that left dozens dead and thousands injured.
About a mile and a half away, Titus Murphy and his then-girlfriend Terri Barnett were watching the Denny attack on live television. Murphy, who was an unemployed engineer at the time, couldn't believe what he saw.
"When this gentleman was getting beat something was just telling me this isn't right, this isn't what it's all about," he told Yahoo News 20 years later. "When he got hit in the head with the brick something told me to go down there. I just reacted."

And from HERE I got this:
Shortly after, Murphy saw a patrol car and several officers. He had a moment of hope that help had finally arrived. Murphy said he made eye contact with the officers, and they just continued on.
“We were on our own," he said.

And this:
The passage of time has only re-enforced Murphy’s belief that it is too easy, even reckless, to make the riots just about race.
He believes people should be judged on their actions –whether good or bad – and not on color.
"There’s only one race and that’s the human race," Murphy said. "All this other stuff we’re doing, we’re just wasting our valuable time."


Brian in Florida said...

There is no doubt the riots are coming, I don't believe it will be nation wide, but my happy ass is definately not gonna be near a city. I am gonna stay in my little town, pull out the gun oil and wipe down some cold hard steel and protect mine and all those around me.
It is not about colour, it is about character or lack thereof.
Be safe out there, it is already getting ugly.

drjim said...

Tomorrow, April 29th, is the 30 year anniversary of the "Rodney King Riots" out here in L.A.
Wonder if they'll be any "celebrations", or if they'll wait for the Zimmerman case to conclude....