Thursday, April 19, 2012


I published a couple of bad cop stories and my inbox is flooded with stories and links along the same lines. There's no way I can or want to publish all of them.
I don't like cops and am very distrustful of them and their actions. Why? Let me just say that if every dog you had contact with growled, snarled or bit you, you would be perfectly justified in not liking dogs. And before you go all righteous on me and think I'm an ex-con with a grudge, I'm generally a law-abiding citizen. Never been to prison, did 13 days in the county lockup 30 years ago to pay off a DUI, haven't even had a speeding ticket in 20 years.
My personal dislike of so-called lawmen is just that - personal.

This blog is not about hating cops. I'm not sure what it's about, even after 4 years but it's not hating cops. You can go to a dozen different sites that are devoted solely to police abuse for your jollies.
But that asshole in Austin that shot Cisco needs to have his ass stomped.


dhanna59 said...

Back in '99 stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY we lived in a rent house on the Tennessee side out the back gate WAY out in the countryside, beautiful. Dotsonville, Dunbar Road. Got my girls their first dog at the city pound, a full blooded Blue Heeler tiny puppy. Named him Zippy after the dog in the movie with Tom Berenger and Barbara Hershey about the Cheyenne indians, The Ox-Bow or something like that. The local cattle rancher was up on the hill in a fine house lookin down his back deck on one of his pastures. Everybody's dog ran loose there, normal. Winter, subfreezing,dog missing. Two days later after searching to no avail, I notice a ring of 10-12 cattle in a circle facing inward in the cattleman's backdoor pasture. I go see. There is Zippy with a small hole just above his left front leg with an exit wound the size of a half-dollar on the other, a single drop of blood frozen out his nose. obvious scoped rifle shot. I carry the dog home(1 year old now)and dig a grave in the frozen ground. My girls are beside themselves with grief. I told them a cow stepped on him by accident. The rancher has a stupid dog that is at my house everyday. I pop it between the eyes and keep it warm in my garage till the next morning on my way in to PT at 0500. I stop at the ranchers mailbox and stuff the entire dog into it and close door. It is about 17 degrees. I'm sure dog froze solid. I hope he had a good time removing it.

Brian said...

My new official position on the whole cop hating thing is I don't care.

I will tell you this. A cop never stole anything from me, raised my taxes. We pay them to draw a hard line and the truth is...everyone thinks they are special. People don't like anyone telling em what to do. I get that. That ain't about cops so much- as it's about people and their attitudes.

I can't say I hate a class of anyone... well except politicians. Them fuckers- I hate.

Having said that, white flag time.

Fuck Obama.

wirecutter said...

Fuck Obama.