Monday, April 23, 2012

Fun fun fun

Off to the dentist again for a root canal.
Either I'm going to be feeling better or he's going to be feeling worse when I leave there.
I'm tired of this shit.


rpm2day said...

Do you pass out at the sight of your own blood, too?
Try a fuckin' root canal that won't go numb and get back to me. Kids these days, I swear.

Deb said...

Eat more habanero-stuffed olives. It will take your mind off your tooth, eventually.

PatriotUSA said...

Hopefully you will get this taken care of and find some relief. I really hope ya do. Seems like this has gone on for too long now, WC.

One dentist botched my second root canal many, many years ago when I was in college. She drilled
too far and into the jaw bone. My reaction was to cuff her on the side of the head (did not mean to) and I knocked her sorry ass down. They called the cops and I was almost arrested. Luckily, cooler temperaments prevailed and I was driven by the cop to a much better dentist who saw me immediately on the cops recommendation and phone call.

The lady dentist had the nerve to send me a bill for her 'services' which I did not pay. To this day I hate going to the dentist but at least now have a really excellent dentist. I still hate 'em!