Sunday, April 08, 2012

Garden report

Day 2: Finished planting yesterday. Nothing to harvest yet. I'll check again tomorrow.

Seriously, I got my shit planted yesterday - some melons and cucumbers in areas under the spigots and spare areas of the yard, then in the garden itself I put in a row and a half of radishes, a row and a half of onions, a row of spinach, a row of carrots, a row of lettuce and two rows of bush beans. Then there's a row that I haven't planted yet, probably in lettuce in a couple more weeks. Plus there's a shitload of peppers and tomatoes that I've been planting for the past couple of weeks.

CharlieGodammit's been living up to his name, digging up one cucumber hill 3 times, dumping a load right on the edges where I walk and last night Lisa thought she saw him in the middle of my freshly planted garden. Then this morning when I walked out there I saw those monster prints on top of two rows. He tried to deny they were his but I know his tracks well (he turns his right front paw in just slightly) and besides, he's the only fucking dog we have. I'm not real stupid, ya know?
Motherfucker is fixing to get educated to a wristrocket. I just gotta be careful not let him see me pop him - that dog has a l-o-n-g memory. He'll nail me right on the ass hours later.

So yeah, it's been a long while since I've put a full garden in and probably only the second time I've put in a new garden which is a bitch because I was breaking ground that probably hasn't been turned since the 60s. No, I didn't use a rototiller because when I look at something I need to do, I still look at it with a 25 year old's eyes instead of my bleary old 52 year old ones. But don't worry, my back quickly reminds my eyes about their mistake.


drjim said...

Use a lump of putty in the wristrocket. It won't hurt him, but will definitely get his attention.

wirecutter said...

Like I could really hit him from that distance, Jim.
I was thinking paintballs. They don't hurt too much in case of an accidental hit and my misses will look pretty against the back fence.

Brock Townsend said...

Speaking of wristrockets.

drjim said...

The "Box-O-Truth" has a good article on slingshots.
he has TONS of other excellent articles, too.

Bella said...

Wirecutter, just plant some garlic in between here and there and it will get rid of the bugs, slugs and ughs coz they just don't like it. Good luck with your garden, you'll enjoy it.