Monday, April 09, 2012

Garden Report

Day 3: No harvest yet. Motherfuckers haven't even sprouted yet. I'm getting bored.

Decided fuck it, I'll put in a couple more vegetables so I went and got some okra, pole beans and bush cucumbers.
I finally got around to getting okra because when I planted last week, I couldn't find any seeds. They had plenty of starters but #1 They didn't look real healthy and #2 I ain't paying 3 bucks for one starter when I can buy a packet of seeds (about 60 plants) for half that price.
I have a couple different varieties of bush beans in already but I like pole beans and I finally found some seed today. Can't ever have too many beans, ya know? I like my fresh beans in a big ol' pot with some little taters and some fatback floating around for flavor. My mouth is watering already.
And the bush cucumbers? I got those because CharlieGodammit has dug out 2 of my 3 cucumber hills and besides, I've never heard of cukes on a bush. Plus they're only supposed to take up 1/3 the space and that's always a good thing, so I'll try those out.

I keep telling myself that the hard part's over, what garden space I don't use for winter crops I'll cover with black plastic to keep the weeds from germinating, the rows are already formed up and the water troughs are dug. Next year it'll be simple: touch up, fertilize and plant. That way I can get bored even quicker.

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Uriah said...

Not sure how into gardening you are, but there are plenty of places to get good quality heirloom seeds.

Some of the stuff they have now, like the 'sweet corn' is literally like trying to eat a bowl of sugar. I love sweet corn, but wow, some of it is really really really sweet.

I like growing stuff though, I'll use container gardens indoors during the winter.