Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Garden Report

Day 5:
I have tomato blooms. I cannot fucking believe it. They taste pretty bitter right now, maybe I should let them go a while longer.
Actually I'm amazed that I have tomato and pepper plants after the rain this morning. It was coming down in a fucking stream, man. I have never seen it rain so hard in Kalifornia before - they have a stormwatch every time it sprinkles here - but it was flat coming down. When I walked out the door this morning I could not see my white truck 15 feet away because of the downpour and once I got on the road, I seriously considered pulling over until it passed. Fuck it, I'm invincible so I kept on. But I sure figured that it was gonna be a lick on the tomatoes, though. I just knew when I came in tonight I was going to find them beat to the ground, but they were standing tall and showing a shitload of little buds that'll blossom in a day or so.

Nothing else is even sprouting.
The garden rows took a pretty good beating though. With no root structure to keep them together, they kinda sorta melted a little. Not bad, but a lot of the soil washed away from the tops of them, more than likely taking away some of my seeds too. Won't be able to tell until they start to sprout, an event I've been anticipating since about an hour after I planted the damned thing.
I also saw a little damage from flying projectiles, great big ol' splats all over the garden. Nothing major but I'm thinking I need to aim a little higher with my wristrocket and maybe use beans or gravel instead of 44 caliber round ball. Scare the birds, not try to kill the seed-thievin' little shits, you know?

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Uriah said...

I got a couple of those upside down tomato planters that you hang from your eves a few years back. They actually work pretty good (as long as you don't use a HUGE tomato). They did better then the ones in the garden, go figure.