Monday, April 30, 2012

Get your pepper spray ready, Occupy Season is almost here!

As part of Occupy Wall Street’s call for a nationwide “general strike” May 1, elements within the group are looking to shut down bridges and tunnels in both New York and San Francisco.
Occupy Oakland, the most radical of all the local Occupy groups, passed a resolution April 15 that vows to shut down all travel from Marin to San Francisco.
“If any of the unions on the Golden Gate bridge declare a strike or shutdown action on May Day, we will act in solidarity with these striking workers and the international call for a general strike on May Day, by blockading the flow of capital to the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District. This will be accomplished by a collaboration of pickets and direct action which will shut down all modes of transportation from Marin to San Francisco,” went the statement on the website


Paul, Dammit! said...

If anyone pulls that shit in New York while I'm trying to get from my boat to my home in Boston after a voyage, I'm going to clear a path with my bumper. Since NY won't let us carry, anyhow, I am going to upgrade from a Louisville Slugger to a sledgehammer in my cab just in case these assbags try to pull anything that inconveniences me in any way while I'm paying for their unemployment.

Anonymous said...

Bulldoze the fuckers.