Friday, April 27, 2012

No wonder crime is rampant in NY - there's no reason to fear the cops

I found this over at The Dorkfish Express and had to share it with y'all. If you haven't ever been over to The Dorkfish Express, check it out. If you like it here, you'll like his site.

The article is pretty long so I'm going to excerpt some choice pieces for you.


NY cops fire 84 shots at suspect, who lives

NEW YORK — Two Harlem cops yesterday fired a staggering 84 shots at an armed thug after he squeezed off one round at them — but the punk incredibly survived and was charged with slaying his sleeping kid sister and trying to kill their mother, authorities said.

Murray, 28, suffered 14 bullet wounds during the mayhem after refusing police orders to drop his .22-caliber "Saturday Night Special," officials said.

The police officer fired 45 shots — one round in his gun's chamber, two 15-round magazines and all but one round in his third magazine. He told investigators he thought he was out of ammo. The sergeant also fired one shot he kept in the chamber, two 15-shot magazines and eight rounds from his third magazine, Browne said.
After Murray crumpled to the ground from his wounds, there were still four rounds in his small, .22-caliber Röhm Sontheim Brenz, police said.
He was in critical but stable condition last night after undergoing surgery at Harlem Hospital.


Stinkwilly said...

What the hell were they shooting
.22 shorts???

Goldenrod said...

Sounds more like pellets to me.

Anonymous said...

Shot placement, anyone? Bueller?

Angrymike427 said...

Ya and in a libs mind LEO are the only ones who should be allowed to carry. Imagine if he was unarmed, the LEO would probably only used 30 rounds...... just sad........

thegunslinger said...

That's what happens when you snatch the trigger instead of squeeze it. I'm surprised the cops hit anything.

Sarthurk said...

Note to self. Carry at least four mags.

Skip said...

In NYC they issue Glocks with the NY Trigger [15lbs].

Anonymous said...

Unh huh,hence an order for 450,000,000 rds. ammo.