Sunday, April 08, 2012

Okay, I know this sounds strange.....

.....but I need to score some gophers. Quickly.
CharlieGodammit's pretty much wiped out the backyard population in less than 3 months and I need to re-stock for him.
Gotta keep my boy happy, ya know?


Hog Whitman said...

Um, pretty sure that there is a mole. Gophers are cute like in Caddyshack. Moles are icky. Best way to KILL either one is running a hose from your exhaust pipe down one of the holes for about 15 minutes, and moving it once or twice.

Well, that's the best way unless you've got $1800 to spare and buy one of these bad boys...

I'd be real careful about introducing live pests into the neighborhood. The point is to get rid of them. I know they're already around, but so are FuckMeintheAssistanians (just for example). Do you really want MORE of them in your back yard?

You do realize that they breed like rodents, right?

wirecutter said...

Gopher, mole, whatever.
CGD pretty much wipes out the population so overbreeding wouldn't be a problem.

Hog Whitman said...

Ok, buy a live 'humane' trap. They probably have them at the feed store. I did that once to teach my little dog to be a mouser. Turns out she didn't need my help, but she'd like to shit herself with excitement whenever it got one cause she knew that live squeaky toy play time was coming up soon.

I used peanut butter for bait,but that was for mice. The feed store guy probably has some suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry wirecutter soon as that garden gets going they will be back,If you build it they will come,so to speak.

wirecutter said...

Actually Hog, I went back to the site that I got the picture from to update it and turns out this thing is a pocket gopher which is what I got.
Little motherfuckers, only about 3 inches long.

Anon - that's what I'm figuring too.

Uriah said...

$2600.00 for the RODENATOR!?! What's the mark up on that thing? My little wheels are spinning, and I figure I can do a redneck version way cheaper.
That just looks like good clean fun to me.