Monday, April 09, 2012

Poor neglected unloved dog.....

Motherfucker's got his head laying on my pillow in my lap getting his head scratched, and he has the nerve to ask for a Doggie Treat when I'm done.
Yes, he got his DT.


PISSED said...

Now you know why CGD is the star of your blog :)

PatriotUSA said...

I think you need to be reported to ASPCA and PETA for animal abuse.

Shame on you for not giving him a DT before he gets loved on.

BTW, do you know why Deb's site aint' been workin' of late?

wirecutter said...

Patriot - she took it down, dammit.

Irish - No secret there.

Deb said...

That dog is so freakin' big, he should (and I'm sure he does0 get whatever he wants.

Patriot: Ken's right - I did take it down, dammit. Didn't see an e-mail address for you :(

wirecutter said...

Yeah, notice how he's got his paw on me to prevent my escape until he's done getting skritched?

PatriotUSA said...

I know the feelin' Deb. I have though about doing the same myself but made some changes and I enjoy bloggin like I used to.

You are gonna be missed, Deb. You are welcome to do an occasional guest post on Patriot's Corner

fel said...

Hey wirecutter.

is this your dog?