Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pvt Lane

Today was the day that my nephew/brother left for the Army.
I say nephew/brother because my folks raised him and his 2 sisters after my sister died back in 97.

He's going to do his basic training at Leonard Wood and then Sam Houston for his medical training.
It's a decision that he made a year or so back but has had a hell of a time getting in. The biggest holdup was the fact that he attended a charter school, essentially home-schooled. He had to get a waiver as well as a few college credits for that, then he's been waiting for a while for a seat in his school. But he took advantage of the wait and started training his body, working out every day and taking martial arts. He's turned into a hard little fuck.
I know that the reason he's going in is because he can't find anything around here, but at the same time I know that he knows he owes his Nation a great debt for the freedoms he enjoys and 4 years of his life is a small price to pay. If he doesn't realize that now, he will by the time his enlistment is up.

Then he can be a III Percent Patriot when he gets out. We can use folks with combat medic skills. Let Uncle Sam train 'em and send 'em right back home to train us, thank you very much.

So me and Lisa went over yesterday to get our goodbyes done. We had a little chat alone and I told him a few facts of life, like if he came crashing through my door on a raid I would shoot him in the eyeball. Pass the word to his buddies.
Having the talk

But I'm proud as hell of him. He's carrying on a family tradition, he's repaying a debt, and he's taking initiative to move in a postive direction with his life. He's now a Man.

I ask that you keep him in your thoughts and prayers and I'll keep you abreast of his whereabouts.