Saturday, April 14, 2012

Secret Service sex "scandal"

I linked to the story earlier but other than this post here, you're probably not going to be reading much about it here. Why? Because it ain't that big a deal.
I could give a flying fuck one way or another if somebody got laid. As far as I know, Secret Service agents don't take a vow of chastity when they took the job.
Seriously, if a guy wants to get his dick sucked and he can find somebody to do that, then good for him. If he's married, that's between him and his wife, not him and his wife and the rest of the fucking country. Let him deal with it when she finds out and she will, sooner or later.
The only one that fucked up was the guy that refused to pay the lady for services rendered and I bet all his buddies are making his life pretty damned miserable right now.
Consenting adults, remember?