Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sorry man, we have our "theory" in writing.

Remarks by the President at Lorain County Community College, Elyria, OH —

“There’s always going to be arguments in Washington. But this one is different, because we’re talking about the central challenge of our time. Right now, we have two competing visions of our future, and the choice could not be clearer. And let me say, those folks on the other side, I am sure they are patriots, I’m sure they’re sincere in terms of what they say. But their theory, I believe, is wrong.”


Anonymous said...

I grew up in Lorain, and I can tell you what it's become. Along with Cleveland, Toledo, Cincy and Columbus, they're now CultiMulti thunderdomes.

Jherri Curl Sharpton, NPOS extraordinaire, brought his ass there a few years back to rename 21st Street into Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive

Not MLK .... mindya, but fuckin Dr. Martin Luther King ... Jr .. Drive

Cuz Lorain has so much money

Unions fucked the FoMoCo Assembly. US Steel has become a shell. The shipyards are now YuppieScum condos. LaRasssssa has infected the town - and as always, when you bring in Mexiscum you bring their culture, si ? Non ?

But hell ya yo, we gotzta spend some coin renaming a fuckin street

Someone on the City Council wised up, and it didn't happen.

I saw the Hough riots as a kid. Cleveland. Shaker Hts - once the toniest suburb in the nation - self-immolated, purposely importing chimps in the name of "diversity" and "cultural enrichment"

So howzdashi woikin for ya Amerikwa

Obwana is NOT the problem; a nation devolved enough to vote in a cryptoMuzzMarxist dick-smoking Halfrican POS is terminal. TU.

Prepare Accordingly


Sarthurk said...

Treason is a crime punishable by execution! The gallows pole awaits. The Constitution demands it. The government ignores it. The public is ignorant of it. I'm pretty sure that the Founding Fathers are pretty tired of rolling over in their graves after 200 years of of desecration of the founding document to begin with.

Done with that rant.

I just may walk away from this anger perpetuating device (laptop) and go load my first batch of .45ACP ever! The new Springfield A1 wants to see what I can do for her. I can't believe I waited so many decades to get a 1911. D'oh!