Tuesday, April 17, 2012

To Serve and Protect

Found this at III Percent Patriots

For Bogota, New York Officer Regina Tasca, it was trying to prevent other officers from beating the hell out of an emotionally disturbed man. Tasca hasn’t been fired yet. Her fate now rests in the hands of judge.
In Bogota, officers control whether or not their dashboard camera rolls. Fortunately, when Officer Tasca responded to a call in April 2011, she clicked her unit “on.” The black-and-white tape captures it all–a mother, Tara, screaming for police to stop punching her son on their front lawn. She had called to have her emotionally disturbed son Kyle taken to the hospital. Bogota police responded while waiting for the ambulance. Tasca was the sole officer on the road that day, so she called for back-up according to protocol. Ridgefield Park police then sent two officers. Tasca had just completed her state-mandated training for working with emotionally disturbed citizens.
Tasca described what we see on the videotape: “The Ridgefield Park officer automatically charges and takes him down to the ground. I was quite shocked. As he’s doing that, another Ridgefield Park officer flies to the scene in his car, jumps out and starts punching him in the head.”
On the tape you can hear Tara, the mother, and Kyle, her son, screaming, “Why are you punching him?” and “Stop punching me!”
Kyle, by the way, was never charged with a crime. Tasca got involved, and was eventually able to pry Kyle’s attackers off of him. And that was her undoing.
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