Sunday, May 06, 2012

And the day ain't over yet!

After overlooking my posts so far today I realized that I've picked on muslims, illegal immigrants, commies (twice),  the feds (twice so far), featured a big titted babe and I'm not sure how to classify the Vaseline ad. If you add in all the comments I answered, we can start a whole new list.
I'm just a hate filled motherfucker, huh?


Anonymous said...

Kenny, if I had a blog, I'd be kickin' your ass today about the volume of supposed hate.

Of course, you're fueling that flame, along with the ragheads. Did you see the video of the cowards in Bonn that ran like hell once the police started their advance on the pussy cartoon protesters?

angrymike said...

When ppl call me a racist I tell them "I'm not a racist I'm an equal opportunity hater, black, white or brown" I guess I'm a bit like you........