Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Another liberal city overrun

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Residents in the western hills of suburban Austin are losing their pets to roving coyote packs.
Homeowners in the posh suburb of West Lake Hills met with their city council last week to appeal for deliverance from the terror.
Shelli Nickerson tells KXAN-TV (http://bit.ly/HM2k71) of Austin that her neighbors have lost their pets. She said one neighbor went out to the mailbox with his cat, "and a coyote actually ran up and mauled the cat.''
Ted Dietz says he went to his front yard to pick up his newspaper and found two coyotes killing his cat before he could chase them off.
West Lake Hills largely consists of large, heavily wooded lots. Its council has hired Travis County Animal Control to begin coyote trapping next month.
Predator Xtreme


Doesn't Austin have a huge population of college kids, liberals and other undesirables? That explains why they've got coyotes munching on Mittens.
Maybe they should go out and try to hug those coyotes, maybe attempt to commune with them and try to understand them instead.
Yeah, that'll work.
Have you noticed that you don't hear as much about this shit around smaller towns where coyotes are more prevelant? Probably for the same reason you don't see OWS around small towns - we shoot vermin.