Monday, May 07, 2012

From the state that brought you Romney

(Boston Herald) — Bake sales, the calorie-laden standby cash-strapped classrooms, PTAs and booster clubs rely on, will be outlawed from public schools as of Aug. 1 as part of new no-nonsense nutrition standards, forcing fundraisers back to the blackboard to cook up alternative ways to raise money for kids.
At a minimum, the nosh clampdown targets so-called “competitive” foods — those sold or served during the school day in hallways, cafeterias, stores and vending machines outside the regular lunch program, including bake sales, holiday parties and treats dished out to reward academic achievement. But state officials are pushing schools to expand the ban 24/7 to include evening, weekend and community events such as banquets, door-to-door candy sales and football games.
The Departments of Public Health and Education contend clearing tables of even whole milk and white bread is necessary to combat an obesity epidemic affecting a third of the state’s 1.5 million students. But parents argue crudites won’t cut it when the bills come due on athletic equipment and band trips.
“If you want to make a quick $250, you hold a bake sale,” said Sandy Malec, vice president of the Horace Mann Elementary School PTO in Newtonville.
Maura Dawley of Scituate said the candy bars her 15-year-old son brought to school to help pay for a youth group trip to Guatemala “sold like wildfire.” She worries the ban “would seriously affect the bottom line of the PTOs.


And you really think things will change under Romney? Same ol' shit, different name.


davecydell said...

Yeah, this prez run is the biggest of scams yet

Paul, Dammit! said...

The seat of the King Rat in MA is currently held by one of Obama's butt-boy schoolfriends. I don't much care for Romney, but the best fiscal years we ever had in MA were when he was Governor- at the time one of only 5 Republicans to hold state office. The People's Republic of MA has been in decline since.

Deb said...

Romney left MA in 2007. He's got nothing to do with this; the ever PC Massachusetts liberals do. In fact, this is probably Moochelle's doing, even if it was inadvertent, since she supposedly is pushing better nutrition in the schools. This crap happens in MA frequently.

That being said, I am not backing Romney, nor Obama. I'm voting for my damned dog.

Sarthurk said...

And you think this is an issue, when we have a communist president working on continuing this?

C Ya Kenny,,,

BRIII said...

Ken, there is only one way out of this communist nest that was planted 100+ yrs. ago. Hell FDR was one of them, times up game on.
LBJ's Great Society, what a farce.
Preppin' time is over, it's coming.

MizuBob said...

No, DPHE, getting fat ass lazy kids off the goddamn computer/video games is how to combat the obesity epidemic.

Get outta my life .gov