Sunday, May 06, 2012

How come the government doesn't kiss my ass?

(Reuters) — Five Guantanamo prisoners accused of plotting the September 11 attacks refused to answer a U.S. military judge’s questions on Saturday in a chaotic court hearing in which defense lawyers sought to cast the war crimes tribunal as unfair. [...]
An attorney for bin Attash, Cheryl Borman, who wore a black hijab and long black robe, told the court that mistreatment of her client at Guantanamo had interfered with his ability to take part in the proceedings. She asked that female paralegals and FBI agents sitting with the prosecution team dress with cultural sensitivity so that the defendants would not be forced to look away as their religion requires. The women in question were wearing pantsuits and knee-length skirts and blazers.


Fuck 'em. Do like they do for disruptive prisoners here in the US. Make 'em sit in a little room all by themselves and let them participate in the trial for their lives via CCTV.


Anonymous said...

Oh bullshit!!

The judge needs to tell Borman to take that damned body bag off so that she doesn't insult the court. Period.

How quickly the lib lawyer tossed 'separation of church and state' under the bus in order to pander to her slime clients.

Step 1...impose sharia law on the court...

Anonymous said...

If your a natural born American citizen, then Fuck you your screwed.

Stinkwilly said...

Fuck those muslim cocksucking pieces of shit and that scumbag asssucking lawyer right along with them. Those fucks don't/shouldn't get ANY respect, whatsoever and it just appalls me to see a so called American, demanding that the victims and others kow tow to these
muslim fucks. Fuck them, fuck muslims in general, and double fuck mohammed that pedophileic asshole.

Anoun Amouse said...

Fuck muslims and double fuck those Americans who have so little self-esteem and pride that they would ask such a stupid fucking request.

Wrench said...

These camel jockeying inbred bastards should have been shot by firing squad 10 years ago.
What a circus. we are the laughing stock of the universe. Expect the worse - Plan for the worse. The fucking UN is running everything.