Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I think I need to let Brian vent.

Fuck Obama. Fuck him and the socialist horse he rode in on, Fuck Mittens, Fuck the grasper he is.
Where the fuck are the AMERICANS running for Office, Fuck them all, Fuckity fuck fuck fuck.
That is all
Have a Good day
Brian In Florida


michigan doug said...

yeah what brian said. FUCK OBAMA

Anonymous said...

Hey Brian!

I agree with you!

Craig Cavanaugh said...

Brian, get out of my head!

Erinyes said...

Well, fuckity fuck fuck fuckaroo!

Brian in Florida said...

HA HA HA,, Thanks Wirecutter, I suppose we all need to vent and OMG can this election get under my skin.. Grrr Arrgghh, Ha,, I ment every f'ing thing I said, FUCK OBAMA, and OBAMA LIGHT MITTENS>

WE are the true Americans, WE know our rights under the Constitution, the elitist congress critters have no idea, is why they keep passing laws that test bad and get rescinded.
Hmm the learning curve looks like a flat line to me, So, makes ya wonder what agenda the Congress critters have. I think enough of them are so out of touch that a socialist agenda makes sense to them, That right there aught to scare the bejeezus out of you. Hmm.. Oh yea,, Fuck Obama

Mike G. said...

I like it!