Sunday, May 27, 2012

Man arrested for allegedly pointing laser

-- A man has been arrested for allegedly pointing a laser at a Pasadena police helicopter, injuring an officer on board.
A Pasadena police statement says 23-year-old Rafael Juarez of San Gabriel was taken into custody Thursday and booked on suspicion of discharging a laser at an aircraft and possession of a controlled substance.
Police say the incident occurred about 9:30 a.m. Thursday as the helicopter flew over the city of San Gabriel. The helicopter crew was not wearing their protective eyewear at the time, but identified the suspect's location. With the help of San Gabriel police ground units, Juarez was arrested without incident.
The flight crew landed safely at the Pasadena Heliport and the injured officer was taken to a hospital for evaluation. His condition is not known.


Maybe they should evaluate the officer's mental state. If it hurts your eyes, then look away, dumbass.
Stupid motherfucker probably stares at the sun too until somebody stops him.....

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Anonymous said...

Your ignorance of lasers is showing. The pain comes after the injury. It is not a matter of looking away, the damage is already done. You might as well say a person who was shot(before he even knew someone was shooting at them) should have moved out of the way. A helicopter pilot. I think the stupid MF is you. PS I usually enjoy your blog

wirecutter said...

Fuck off, Anon. The odds of him looking directly at it before it was activated are out of this world, which means he looked directly at it AFTER it was turned on.
Think before you speak, partner.

angrymike said...

You know wirecutter, I just love these stupid assed motherfuckers who call names and then won't leave a name"ON THE COMPUTER " Wow what a pussy.,...

Paul, Dammit! said...

Wirecutter, I was on a ship passing Algiers point (a 90-degree turn where the Mississippi river bends around New Orleans) when the pilot got lit up and was nightblinded for about 5 minutes. I was on the wheel but 20 feet back from the windows, and out of the line of sight. The pilot talked me through the turn by memory, but we had time and extra eyes available. Airline pilots are fucked. We had 50,000 tons of naptha on board, enough boom to match the nagasaki bomb. Still, the pilot had the sense to look away so he didn't get hit twice. He didn't try to identify the neighborhood and building and risk crashing into it.

wirecutter said...

Paul, I'll defer to you because you weren't rude, I've had my coffee, and I respect your opinion. Plus you left a name.
That's for the insight.

RegT said...

Just keep this in mind when .mil or the locals start looking for you from up above. These folks don't like to wear the protective eye gear because it cuts down on all visible light, not just laser freqs.

A good place to visit on the web, or if you get down to Cedar Cty, UT:

Up to 2.4 watts (yep, 2400 mw, as opposed to the little 5 mw laser pointers and cat teasers).