Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Talk about money to burn

Yubari King Melons
What: Yubari is to melons what Kobe is to beef. The Japanese city has become famous for a particularly tasty melon cultivar that's a cross between two cantaloupe varieties. Known as the Yubari King, this orange-fleshed melon is prized for its juicy sweetness as well as its beautiful proportions. Yubari King melons are often sold in perfectly matched pairs and are a highly prized gift sure to impress a host or employer.

How Much: The choicest melon pairs have been auctioned in Japan for as much as $26,000, but a standard Yubari melon costs between $50 and $100 in Japanese department stores.

Why Pay More: In a word, trendiness. The melons must be grown in Yubari to bear that name, and the small town produces only a limited number of these cult items each year.


Weer'd Beard said...

And they probably taste like every other cantaloupe you can get at the grocery store.

Bella said...

Keep gardening Kenny and get some high bred fruits, veggies or flowers growing. You could be rich! I don't know, maybe Kalifornia Korn, Modesto Melons, Camo Cucumbers, Goddammit Gardenias, Bacon Bananas, jeez I don't know, I'll have to think on it more. I could be your marketing manager and we all could be rich!!!

S.B. said...

Flavor wise, yes.

But, you'd be hard pressed to ever get one as sweet as a Yubari.

I've had one, thanks to my mudda-in-law (my wife is JN and I live in Japan). They are extremely sweet.

Peter B said...

Alright, somebody has to say it; Nothing like a nicely matched pair of sweet melons.