Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Why, oh why?

Why is it you never see an American flag sticker on cars that are sporting Obama stickers? I honestly can't ever remember seeing a single one.


Huckleberry said...

Same reason you never see an Obama sticker on a car being driven to work.

Goldenrod said...

For the same reason you don't see a portrait of Lucifer in church.

Joseph Williams said...

Let me take a guess as it seems Ramussen and Gallop just can't seem to be bothered to penetrate the psyche of these idots.

Number one probably would be feeling guilty about American exceptionalism.

Next they cannot bring themselves to admire the values the founders believed in.

Pursuant to that they prefer worshipping a "new" belief system not founded on Judaeo Christian values as found in leftist / socialist dogma. Thus preferring false idol worship instead of indirectly worshipping the God of a country founded on His Judaeo Christian values via the flag.

I am Canadian and we have the same problem up here. Nay worse.

Even the more patriotic / nationalist types don't rush to display our flag as we do off our porch and like many of our southern neighbours so proudly do. Think we may be one of a few dozen in a city of 55,000. And we have a military base no less.

Now this is except of course when we, including all socialist anti conservative / American, travel abroad. It is well advised to be identified as Canadian with a little flag visible somewhere as it separates us from you bad bad Yankees as we will be then less likely to be kidnapped, shot at, blown up, or at least be given poor service at a McDonalds. Convenient MFingA.

MatA said...

Because this:

is not an American flag.

Also, everybody would know they were full of shit, and didn't give a damn about America.

Kevin said...

I have. It was upside down.

Swamprat said...

Never seen a fuckin "o" sticker, next to a NRA sticker, OR an American Flag.

I'm lookin for "Bullet Shot stickers". Where I can peel em off and stick em on assholes obama stickers....

Is that "Racist"? NO. It's anti MARXIST god damnit!!!

Anonymous said...

Because ,they like their God feel that the U.S. is "fundamentally flawed".Ask one of them,they would`nt live anywhere else but like all no it all liberal puke`s they cant stand to see other`s living contentedly here...Fuck them and their leftloonesphere messiah.