Tuesday, June 12, 2012

And every cop in Indiana just went "Uh-oh"

Police officers in Indiana are upset over a new law allowing residents to use deadly force against public servants, including law enforcement officers, who unlawfully enter their homes. It was signed by Republican Governor Mitch Daniels in March.
The first of its kind in the United States, the law was adopted after the state Supreme Court went too far in one of its rulings last year, according to supporters. The case in question involved a man who assaulted an officer during a domestic violence call. The court ruled that there was “no right to reasonably resist unlawful entry by police officers.”


The article does voice some very valid fears that LEO may have, but I'm thinking there's a bunch more out there that are suddenly rethinking about how they do their jobs.
And that fucking blowhard Texas Fred is probably shitting all over himself about this, that one of his masters may not be around to throw him a bone after breaking into somebody's home.


Stinkwilly said...

WC, who's this texas fred Fuck that you and a couple other posters put the bite on? Sounds to me like he's some kind of wannabe asshole that's in love with the Leo'S

wirecutter said...

Willy, he runs a blog called or something along those lines, you can google it.
He claims to be a friend of Liberty but at the same time promotes a police state. He's just a cop wannabe.

markshere2 said...


I don't see anything in our constitution that says the POPO are allowed to invade private property at will.

Nice Work Indy legislature and Gov.!

sig94 said...

Been in the LE business a long time. Got mixed emotions about this one. Problem is that too many judges have their heads up their ass and the new breed of cops are too militarized. They forget they are working FOR their community. Forget all the hut hut bullshit, you are a public servant, not some kind of Terminator. And unless the owner sics 'em on ya, leave the dogs alone, they got a job to do too.

MauserMedic said...

As a former police reservist in Mayberry-In-Iowa, I'm fine with this. If you can't serve a warrant by knocking on the door (I had my divorce court notice served by the sheriff's deputy in my front yard while my soon-to-be ex-wife set up her garage sale in my new-bachelor garage) then maybe you should stand off and use a bullhorn, and let the chips fall where they may. I've never had a desire to kick in a door to serve a warrant.