Sunday, June 03, 2012

Camel farts'll do that, ya know.

The mysterious fall of the largest of the world's earliest urban civilizations nearly 4,000 years ago in what is now India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh now appears to have a key culprit — ancient climate change, researchers say.


Erinyes said...

Man, too bad Al Gore and movies weren't around to warn those poor bastards of their imminent demise...

Drgaon said...

"All climate on Earth is driven by the sun, and so the monsoons were affected by the lower insolation, decreasing in force. This meant less rain got into continental regions affected by monsoons over time."

Wow...I wonder if these *deniers of settled science* are going to be vilified and tossed out of the *science community* for saying that. I mean, really...its SETTLED SCIENCE that climate is NOT driven by the sun....its driven by cow farts in the midwest, and the CO2 that Americans exhale every day. *Everyone* in the science community *knows* that its all the fault of us lazy, beef eating, belching, white-trash trailer park Americans.

John Henry said...

The Green slime of the left never stops flogging it for a minute. You know ... those who want us all to live within nature and not change or mess with it. They would have us all living like the Indians of North America did 500 years ago. That would be natural wouldn't it.

Well if they really want natural progress on planet earth, then consider that the earth by whatever means (most likely the sun) may be experiencing some modest climate change. Only time will tell if it is true. Computer models are just some shiny head's game. They are meaningless.

When a part of the earth becomes uninhabitable the populations there will die out or migrate away.

Other places will thrive and prosper with some warmer climate.

We must truly hope it is warming that may or may not be happening, because if it is the opposite ... and there are many believe that to be the case, we would all be in big trouble. Nothing will kill off humanity faster than an ice age .... or even a period of great cooling. We would lose massive farm land and experience major food shortages. There would be a lot more illness with cold and flu and we would need more energy for heat and transportation and electricity .....need i go on?

We should welcome warming if it is indeed coming. It will be good for us all. If we stop trying so hard to keep it cool with those idiotic windmills and solar panels we would be living the more 'natural' life that all those green slimers want ... we would simply learn to adapt to what happens like we always have for tens of thousands of years.

And by the way ... it is now natural to live with fossil fuels. We depend on them for EVERYTHING. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a far left loon or is Al Gore.

The big problem today is that the world is run by wimps and faggots who dread having their Guccis scuffed so they are trying to stabilize the world by taking it over and controlling every down to your toilet paper. Of course they will use saving the planet as the reason the control everything.

But I digress ....

Anonymous said...

It's called the U.N. Agenda 21

timbo said...

Damn! That got some folks riled.

I actually feel past the whole conversation. The leftists made some shit up - got nail on it, and now it's over. I laugh at the way they actually feel that they are in some way still relevant.