Tuesday, June 05, 2012

For once he's telling the truth.

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This was on The Globe & Mail New blog this morning. It was put up by an obvious Canadian Patriot. It is interesting and true.

We have our horrors too and they are a lot like yours. We are indeed in the same fight.

We The People................
12:43 PM on June 5, 2012
Over 65 years of Liberal & NDP Socialist Governments have allowed global Communists and Socialists to easily set up shop in Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver. Their combined goal is to undermine North American Capitalism, by over-regulating people's rights, disarming its citizens and giving power to back to Europe's Big Government Fascists under the deceptive guise of 'Green Policies.' Corrupt Canadian government officials have been continuously paid large sums of money over the years from Communist Russia, China & Socialist Europe to weave this mass deception on Canadian voters. Liberals posing as Conservatives (aka Progressives) have achieved a great deal in helping global communists & socialists illegally monopolize practically every sector of the free market while growing Big Government (Clark, Mulroney, Williams, Charest, Stelmach & Redford.) Socialists have been allowed to monopolize the banking sector, while communists have been allowed to monopolize the health and education sectors. To manage all of this, Socialists and Communist 'Progressives' have been working out of their 3rd Floor Canadian Headquarters in the following building:

Robertson Building -215 Spadina Street, Toronto (aka Little China)

Chinese Communist Government (aka Tides Canada)
Contact: Jennie Tao Phone: 416 481 8652

Canadian Government 'Environmental' Grantmakers
'Liberal Government Heads redirecting Capitalist tax dollars to Communist groups under the guise of Green Initiatives'
Contact: Pegi Dover Phone: 416.961.1273

Ministry of Training Colleges and University
'Ontario Teachers Union being paid by Communist China to push Communist Marxism'
Contact: Karen Lior Phone: 416 934 1653

Evas Initiatives (Eva Brown was Adolph Hitler's Girlfriend)
'Organizing Communist/Socialist Protest Material for Canadian Big Government Labour Union Bosses under the codename Toolboxes'
Contact: Maria Crawford, Executive Director Phone: 416-977-4497 x140

Janti Sustainalytics
'Growing Communist & Socialist monopolies in global banking, mutual funds, pension funds, money managers, investment advisors, foundations, & religious orders.'
Contact: Chris Chan Phone: 416-861-0403 x 21

BookNet Canada
'Preparing Books for Marxist Ontario Teacher Unions that promote Marxist Communism & Socialism to Canadian students'
Contact: Sue Beres Phone: 416-362-5057 x222

They organize out of other Canadian buildings listed as being centers (ie…Centre13)

These Big Government Communists & Socialists ARE the 1%