Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fuck, Anon is in SERIOUS trouble now

From my good friend and longtime reader Karen, in reference to the post from yesterday:
I just read the posts from this morning. Here’s my two cents. Professional and personal. Actually my comments will be directed to Anonymous.
Dear Anonymous,
I hardly know where to begin. I enjoyed reading YOUR posts and Kenny’s responses. As a public school teacher I would inform YOU that YOU earned a failing grade for YOUR compositions. Please note that I am capitalizing the word YOUR and YOU. This is to help YOU learn how to spell them correctly…which is something YOU should have learned in first grade. They are called sight words. Words ARE NOT spelled with numbers in them. Again, this is something YOU should have learned in first grade. YOUR responses are not text messages. Therefore, using texting vernacular is highly unacceptable. Sentences start with capital letters and end in punctuation of some sort….depending on the emotion the writer is trying to convey. To the best of my knowledge there is not a word in the English language spelled tyep. Nor is there a word spelled ofyep. Proofreading is obviously a skill YOU did not learn while in school.
In case you couldn’t tell that was my professional response. Here is my personal response.
There are billions of people in this great world of ours. But at any given time, YOU are the only one who gives a fuck about what YOU think and YOUR opinion. I am certain Kenny doesn’t give a fuck what YOUR opinion is. I am certain that Kenny’s readers don’t give a fuck what YOUR opinion is. And to make sure that YOU understand, I don’t give a fuck either.
If YOU don’t agree with Kenny, his opinions, his leisure activities and so on, why didn’t YOU go find another blog to read? Why do YOU care what Kenny does or says?
YOU asked him why he had to curse so much yet YOU do the same in YOUR responses. Why do YOU fucking care about Kenny’s fucking cursing?
Owning guns is a United States Constitutional right. YOU must have missed those classes, too. Why do YOU give a fuck about Kenny’s guns? He isn’t pointing the fucking thing at YOU.
Although I have not personally met Kenny, he and I have communicated over the years. I consider him a friend. He is not a dumb Redneck nor does he present himself as one. He is quite an intelligent Redneck. I am a Redneck, too, and damn proud of it. I am an American by birth and Southern by the grace of God. (Too bad I can’t cue the song Dixie here, eh Kenny? But I digress). I have learned quite a bit from him and by reading his blog. If I don’t agree with him I don’t bust his balls. Nor do I argue with him about his opinions. If anything, I ask him to explain his position so that I understand it better. This is called “respectful conversation.”
I simply love YOUR statement: I  will be reporting ur web to various agencies. What the fuck are YOU?? Five??When YOU finish tattling are YOU going to hold YOUR fucking breath until YOU get YOUR fucking way?? Fall to the fucking floor and kick YOUR fucking feet?? He is already in the crosshairs of some national agencies.So I don’t think he is losing sleep over YOUR fucking tattling threat.
Should YOU respond to my post, please go ahead. (Kenny’s got my back. And I don’t even have to ask him.) But keep this in mind: In order for YOU and YOUR opinion to make a difference to someone YOU must be important to them. YOU are not important to me nor will you ever be. Kenny, Lisa and CGD are welcome in my home anytime. YOU, on the other hand, are not. Please keep YOUR fucking Yankee ass north of the Mason Dixon line.
So to bring this to a close: Fuck off. And since YOU don't have the balls to use YOUR name, shut the fuck up.
Karen Musser
Stephens City, VA
Damn, remind me never to piss Karen off.....