Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fuck, Anon is in SERIOUS trouble now

From my good friend and longtime reader Karen, in reference to the post from yesterday:
I just read the posts from this morning. Here’s my two cents. Professional and personal. Actually my comments will be directed to Anonymous.
Dear Anonymous,
I hardly know where to begin. I enjoyed reading YOUR posts and Kenny’s responses. As a public school teacher I would inform YOU that YOU earned a failing grade for YOUR compositions. Please note that I am capitalizing the word YOUR and YOU. This is to help YOU learn how to spell them correctly…which is something YOU should have learned in first grade. They are called sight words. Words ARE NOT spelled with numbers in them. Again, this is something YOU should have learned in first grade. YOUR responses are not text messages. Therefore, using texting vernacular is highly unacceptable. Sentences start with capital letters and end in punctuation of some sort….depending on the emotion the writer is trying to convey. To the best of my knowledge there is not a word in the English language spelled tyep. Nor is there a word spelled ofyep. Proofreading is obviously a skill YOU did not learn while in school.
In case you couldn’t tell that was my professional response. Here is my personal response.
There are billions of people in this great world of ours. But at any given time, YOU are the only one who gives a fuck about what YOU think and YOUR opinion. I am certain Kenny doesn’t give a fuck what YOUR opinion is. I am certain that Kenny’s readers don’t give a fuck what YOUR opinion is. And to make sure that YOU understand, I don’t give a fuck either.
If YOU don’t agree with Kenny, his opinions, his leisure activities and so on, why didn’t YOU go find another blog to read? Why do YOU care what Kenny does or says?
YOU asked him why he had to curse so much yet YOU do the same in YOUR responses. Why do YOU fucking care about Kenny’s fucking cursing?
Owning guns is a United States Constitutional right. YOU must have missed those classes, too. Why do YOU give a fuck about Kenny’s guns? He isn’t pointing the fucking thing at YOU.
Although I have not personally met Kenny, he and I have communicated over the years. I consider him a friend. He is not a dumb Redneck nor does he present himself as one. He is quite an intelligent Redneck. I am a Redneck, too, and damn proud of it. I am an American by birth and Southern by the grace of God. (Too bad I can’t cue the song Dixie here, eh Kenny? But I digress). I have learned quite a bit from him and by reading his blog. If I don’t agree with him I don’t bust his balls. Nor do I argue with him about his opinions. If anything, I ask him to explain his position so that I understand it better. This is called “respectful conversation.”
I simply love YOUR statement: I  will be reporting ur web to various agencies. What the fuck are YOU?? Five??When YOU finish tattling are YOU going to hold YOUR fucking breath until YOU get YOUR fucking way?? Fall to the fucking floor and kick YOUR fucking feet?? He is already in the crosshairs of some national agencies.So I don’t think he is losing sleep over YOUR fucking tattling threat.
Should YOU respond to my post, please go ahead. (Kenny’s got my back. And I don’t even have to ask him.) But keep this in mind: In order for YOU and YOUR opinion to make a difference to someone YOU must be important to them. YOU are not important to me nor will you ever be. Kenny, Lisa and CGD are welcome in my home anytime. YOU, on the other hand, are not. Please keep YOUR fucking Yankee ass north of the Mason Dixon line.
So to bring this to a close: Fuck off. And since YOU don't have the balls to use YOUR name, shut the fuck up.
Karen Musser
Stephens City, VA
Damn, remind me never to piss Karen off.....


Rich T said...

Damn, she took him to the wood shed on that.

hiswiserangel said...

Dear Karen,
If you ever make it to the Amarillo, TX area, please look me up. I would love to buy you a steak dinner and chat. I haven't had so much fun reading a response, and I would love to thank you in person.
Leslie Appling
Panhandle, TX

Brock Townsend said...

Now that was good!:)

Please keep YOUR fucking Yankee ass north of the Mason Dixon line.


Grog said...

anon was just typographically emasculated.

hee hee hee


Stu said...

Fuckin "A" Karen.

John Henry said...

Excellent Karen ... I love you for that.

I grew up in a time where we strived to at least sound intelligent. Spelling and grammar were indicators of one's intelligence and some extent, character.

It is important to be able to communicate with folks from all walks and levels in life. If it is possible to move to a comfort zone with the less literate by using no more than two syllable words and some current slang, then that may help with the communication.

I have met and or dealt with everything from street slime to PHDs. Thanks to my great 50's catholic school education, I was able to not look like a rube to the former, nor an idiot to the latter.

Until we are all telepathic, we only have words to interface with the rest of the population. Only a complete fool would not want to have the best communication tools possible. It is to one's own advantage.

A good life starts with a good command of the language.

Who might you hire .... Karen, or perhaps me ... or would consider Anon?

Life is hard ... it's a lot harder if you are stupid.

hiswiserangel said...

Oh, and Kenny, that would be "piss off Karen...", we don't end sentences with prepositions. ;-)

Stinkwilly said...

You got a good backer/upper there WC. Think maybe we could convince her to write a letter to the fucking fraud in the whitehouse??

wirecutter said...

Wiserangel, why in the fuck is it that when another woman starts commenting, you gang up on me? I'm surprised MissK hasn't joined in too.
Is there some sort of resentment towards coyote killers or what?
I may have to ban you.

Joseph Williams said...

Damn that was funny! Very well put madame.

Karen's truth tirade reminds me of why I don't rush to piss my wife off.

It took me almost twice the normal amount of time to read it out aloud to my wife as she was laughing so hard she couldn't hear me.

She needed it as she had a bad board meeting tonight involving a similar deficient socialist twit.

Anon must be one of those elite in their own minds social engineering idiots from a hotspot of intellectual supremacy: a big city.

Reason I say it that way is here in Canada that urban/rural ideological divide is quite evident.

While I thankfully live well north of one of Canada's great socialist cesspools, Toronto, their politics are negatively affecting what we northern rednecks like to do up here like having guns and hunting. To heck with the environmental "concerns" they have for our forestry and mining industry.

Bella said...

Wow, I love Miss Karen. You are one of my heroes. Tell it like it is. I hope I spelled everything ok?

MissK said...

You're funny Wirecutter. I'm just reading the comments now. Pretty good bait, but I was otherwise "occupied" I suggest you go easy on Wiserangel. First she's my friend, and second, she knows what the fuck she's talking about ;-) Nothing to do with coyote killers, you know better :P

To Miss Karen, Fucking A! that was outstanding :D

Tom said...

Excellent post, Karen! You've said what I've thought in much more eloquent words. I love it!

Anon, on the other hand, probably understood only about 10% of what you said... mainly the cuss words.

Anon, if you're reading this -- until you learn how to respectfully and intelligently discuss YOUR opinions with others -- fuck you and every single thing you stand for!

PatriotUSA said...

Well done Karen, well done.

Kicked him/her to the curb.

Those who post under anonymous are cowards and gomers, for the most part.

As to killing vermin like coyotes and wolves? Take them out whenever, wherever you can.

Damn sight straight woman, I do so love the South!

timbo said...

What a beautifully written response!

David McBrien ODDMAN said...

Well said. I'm sure that even the most incredibly stupid moron could understand that most appropriate response. But then again, probably not as he/she/it is not that bright. You can't argue with a moron as they are too udmb to know when they're insulted, belittled and just plain outclassed.

Leigh Haines said...


Please relay to Karen, that not all of us "Yankees" are arrogant, spoiled children. Idiots abound every-where: coast to coast, border to border. Up here, we call them "flat-landers". When asked, we tell them : If you don't know what on is, you probably are one. Other than that, she had a stellar post!

Even here, in the People's Republic of New Yorkistan, there are those of us that work hard and contribute to society more than a bloated opinion. I work as a Maintenance Technician in a CNC grind shop during the week. The weekends I work on a Dairy farm - yup; tractors, cows, the whole nine yards. 40+ hour weeks have been the norm for me since I was about 14. Everything I have is mine - my sweat, my blood, my tears. Not once have I stood with my hand out, never will.

Now you throw in three kids, the old lady, and our 20 acres, and it don't leave a man much time for himself. I don't get to spend near as much time in the woods as I used to. When I was a young man I trapped, fished, and hunted as much as I could.

I am trying to pass my traditions and values onto my children. With the help of their Grand-parents, they are going to be valuable members of society. I am not the only one out here either, so there is hope for this side of the country yet. Remember, there are Rednecks everywhere - I have the guns, trucks, and racecar to prove it.

Thanks for the GREAT blog Ken.

Leigh Haines
Whitehall, NY

hiswiserangel said...

I'm sorry, Sir. Please don't ban me. I'll be good.

Kerodin said...

Good to know we still grow 'em like Karen in Virginia.


Bill Keslick said...

And I am leaving my name.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, Stephens City!

Greetings from Warrenton!

Jeff said...

Karen, YOU rock!

missred said...

Do not ever mess with a Southern Woman!

Stretch said...

Damn! As a Virginian I'm pleased to see Miss K is one of us.

CDP said...

Karen makes me proud to be Southern and a redneck.

Did I say that right? :D

Great job.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Karen! Well done!

Miss Violet

Anonymous said...

Never had so much fun reading Ms. Karens reply/ass chewing. Some kinda large can of whoop ass she opened on that ignorant yankee.
Papa Mike

Phil said...

yes, Kenny is quite an intelligent redneck, I can attest to that....

Chas said...

Now wait a gosh darn minute. How do you know that turd (Anon) is from north of the Mason Dixon line? There are plenty from south of the line.
Kenny keep up the good work.

Chas Steele
Reno NV..

Deb said...

Kudos to Karen! Funny, no response from Anonymous?

I was scared to death to comment here, being a Yankee and all, but then Leigh came along and mentioned "flat-landers", though here in Maine we say "flat-landahs".

Lots of Rednecks here as well. I don't own a truck or a race car, but I do have a couple of BB guns and a crap load of flannel. Does that count?

timbo said...

Deb - I think the mere fact that you refer to it as a "crap load" of flannel means it counts!

PatriotUSA said...

"flat-landers", oh yeah, that's what we call them libatrds from the Willamette Valley over here in Central POORegon.

Poverty with a view, gotta love it.

Deb, we have tons of 'flannelers' here in the middle of you know what, where the wind never stops howling. We know you are a Yankee but sure won't hold it against you! :)

I have even been known to toss on some flannel when it drops down 10 degrees or so. Otherwise one can find me in a a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, ratty ass wranglers and going barefoot, year round, of course.