Saturday, June 02, 2012

Fun and games

I had some shopping to do today so I headed out while it was still cool to get it done and over with, but it looks like everybody else had the same idea. Fucking Walmart was packed, man.
Let me tell you what, if you want some cheap Saturday entertainment, go to the Walmart wearing a Fuck Obama T-shirt.
Man, here I am walking through the Walmart, armed with only my little pocket pistol, a half empty can of Copenhagen and 2 or 3 knives wearing this:

The fucking hatred was brutal. Here I am surrounded by all these disillusioned democrats, illegals and tweekers not to mention a disproportionate number of negroes, and every one of them was hostile. I mean, I couldn't really tell from the comments due to them either being spoken in mexican, ebonics or spat through toothless gums, but the looks on their faces said it all.
I made a half dozen trips around the store and the only thing I went for was an air mattress.