Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'd have "run" off too.


Goldenrod said...

still your lettuce?!?!

I guess I need a course in ebonics.

Toejam said...

Can't understand it.

I tried but,

Google doesn't do ebonics to English translation.

Thunderstick said...

Another foreign language? Obviously, public education is failing.

severs28 said...

Although I moved to Indiana a few weeks ago, before that I lived in metro Detroit for about 7 years. Let me try and translate this.

-He is a dear friend of mine.
-All of the female turtles adore him.
-He was at home along in his cage and and when I came back he was gone.
-I'm pretty upset about this.
-When I find you I will pole you in your eye and burn down your house.
-I will also have sex with your female companion and steal all of your lettuce.
-Please return him to his home as it makes me very sad to be away from him.

JC said...

Steal your lettuce (cash).

But he does say please.

Anonymous said...

That reminds me of a scene from the movie "Airplane" with Leslie Nielson. A little old woman was translating jive

Brad_in_MA said...

For anyone who wants a hilarious lesson in Ebonics, do a web search in your favorite browser for "Boo Got Shot". The audio speaks for itself.