Thursday, June 21, 2012

If I were to win the lottery.....

I think the biggest compliment I ever got was when I was riding in my beat up old farm truck with a friend that I worked with. We were just passing the time of day on the way home from work when Tio asked "If you won the lottery, $10 million dollars, what would you do?"
Man, I thought long and hard. Ten million bucks. That's a lot of fucking money, but I ain't lacking much. Hmmmm...... Fuck, that's tough one.
"I don't know man, maybe paint my truck."
He started laughing "That's what I love about you - What you see is what you get. Right up front."
The more I thought about it, I realized what a cool fucking thing he said. What you see is what you get. You know I've always maintained that if everybody else thought like I did the world would be a much better place, but damn, that's the first time I've ever really been able to actually justify that in a twisted sort of wirecutter way.
Of course he might have been thinking too that I was just too fucking stupid to go buy a new truck.