Sunday, June 17, 2012

I'm predicting riots in Montreal, Toronto and Moosenuts

Okay, MissK sent this in and is having a goddamned fit wanting to know just in the hell is the person responsible for this fucking outrage? You know she's pissed when she's cussing in French, English and maybe some eskimo dialect.
Apparently, since the news about this sundae broke a week or so ago, the Canadians have been patiently waiting with straws and spoons in hand for the Canadian debut, but now this? That's fucked up, man. I'm glad us Americans have it covered under the 'Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness' thing.

Despite Canada’s love for bacon, Burger King’s new bacon sundae, which has captured the attention of devout bacon lovers and the health conscious alike, won’t be debuting in Canada any time soon, according to a company spokesperson.
On Wednesday, the burger company announced the expansion across the United States of its vanilla ice cream sundae, topped with fudge, caramel, bacon crumbles and of course, a strip of bacon (a “thick-cut, hardwood smoked bacon garnish,” Burger King said).
The greasy dessert was originally launched in Nashville, Tenn., earlier this year and will begin selling nation-wide in the U.S. this week.
Wednesday’s announcement garnered mixed reaction from the Twitterverse, ranging from pure excitement to disgust.


Grog said...

Moosenuts. lol

I wonder how the muzzies in Nashville are reacting to this. Rhetorical statement, I really don't give a fuck.


hiswiserangel said...

Oh shit, Miss K's a redhead and she knows how to shoot. This could get ugly.

David the ODDMAN said...

BASTARDS. We're being left out in the cold...again.

wirecutter said...

Thanks for the warning, Wiserangel. I might have to ship her a couple to calm her down.

Edward Teach said...

No bacon sundaes in Canada?!? Don't MAKE us come down there and burn down the White House again!

hiswiserangel said...

We refer to the lake she lives near as Moosefuck Lake, due to their amorous mating season activities.

MissK said...

Les maudits cocksuckers, yes that's french here. Ou plutot des agaces pissettes. FYI Moose Fuck Lake would be more likely to riot then Moosenuts ;-)

Thanks for the offer Wirecutter, but I doubt they would survive the trip to my igloo.

Thanks for the post, and the support.. had a good laugh :D

wirecutter said...

See, I told you she was cussing in a foreign tongue. That shit ain't funny, man.

Toejam said...

I heard Saudi Arabia has complained to the United Nations "Human rights Commission" about this Item.

They say it's "racist" because Muslims concider even seeing a pig, never mind ingesting its meat is haram!

Stinkwilly said...

Maybe we should consider puting bacon in everything!! That way the fucking muslim dickwads would either starve to death or leave. Frankly I'd prefer they starve to death. If they got hungry enough I bet bacon would taste pretty fucking good. Let'em choke on it.

KurtP said...

Canadians don't have soft-serv ice cream?
They have better bacon than us- why don't they make their own?

It would probably better and cheaper than the BK version anyway.

MissK said...

Of course we have soft-serve ice cream.. but you might be on to something there Kurt. Bacon and HARD ice cream does have it's appeal. I would drizzle the whole thing with warm Nutella. Mmmmmm yumi ;-) Fuck you BK, this is way better :P