Monday, June 25, 2012

Inquiring minds want to know.....

I've always had a few female readers, some of them following my blog from the beginning, ladies like Deb, Bella, Karen, Dana, Yolo and Jamie come to mind but over the past month or so I've noticed a whole bunch of new female commenters ganging up on me. Now it's Wiserangel, MamaJude, MissRed, Montanasmama, MissK and a host of others have managed to infiltrate to fuck with me and point out my grammar errors, fashion fuckups and other shortcomings.

Now it's always surprised me when I get a female reader and it fucking amazes me when she comes back. If she becomes a regular, I question their sanity. Naw, most babes get to the first camel toe or dead critter pictures and click off. Or so I thought until recently. Some female readers comment almost every day and others once or twice, but there's a shitload of them.
So now I'm curious as to what percentage of y'all are male and how many are babes and if you're a regular, so I'm posting a survey at the top of my sidebar. I'd appreciate it if you took a second and let me know.
Please be advised that I have provided for multiple answers so that Californians may participate in light of today's Gay Pride parade in San Fransicko.