Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's true, I'm a pig.

The cab of my truck after a day in the mountains.
Lunch and snack trash, water bottles, jacket, shirt, hoodie, hat, a bandoleer of 5.56, CDs, tow strap, empty water bottles, 2 quart canteen, and probably a fucking squirrel buried in there somewhere.
You should see it after a week's vacation in the mountains.


c w swanson said...

Dude, thats nothing. Try doing the same trip with three kids in the car, and you will learn what real filth is. When you have to clean bare foot prints off the inside of your windshield, you know a sixteen year old boy has been riding in the front seat.

rpm2day said...

Yep, a happy pig by the looks of it! Glad you got to get outta Dodge.

MissK said...

Well at least you keep your Stein contained ;-)

Speaking of fucking squirrel, I shot a video you might get a kick out of, Wiserangel knows what I'm talking about LOL

Erinyes said...

Mine looks worse from working seven days a week. Add to that that it's too fucking hot down here on the odd day off to go out and clean it up. I just don't give a shit anymore!

Mark said...

With 7 kids, the inside of my Suburban looks like a tornado went through it at times. I don't even want to talk about my minivan I let my 18 year old daughter drive. My S-10 however, other than some empty cigarette packs is mostly clean.