Sunday, June 10, 2012

JoeG has a thing about wheelguns, huh?

I do too. I love a gun you can put your trust in. I've had a couple of misfires with a revolver, both involving somebody else's reloads, but it was nothing that couldn't be cured with another pull of the trigger. No racking, no dicking around with your magazine, just pull the fucking trigger again. For that reason, my nightstand gun is a revolver. I recognize the fact that my immediate action drills have gotten rusty and if my auto jammed on me in the middle of the night, I just might wake up dead.
Oh, and the whole argument about only having 5 or 6 rounds vs 18 for an auto? Stud, if you need more than a half dozen high speed projectiles to neutralize your threat, you don't need an automatic, you need more practical shooting time.
Repeat after me: Aim for the nose, aim for the nose.....


Stephen said...

Sound logic indeed.

Bootmaker said...

I am in total agreement about the six gun vs auto debate.
I keep a model 19 (combat mag) by my side at all times,
and I can knock the ass offa gnat from across my yard with it,
but for some reason, ive never been able to develope the same accuracy w/ a semiauto handgun.
not sure if its just the nature of the beast or maybe a mental block on my part.
With all that being said tho,
I AM thinking about adding a 1911 to the "collection".
problem is that the old ones are way high dollar(im a cheap basterd)
...anyone know which of the cheap knockoffs are of decent quality ?
or do i bite the bullet an go ahead n get the real mccoy ?

Brock Townsend said...

I do feel more confident with one of my .45's, 21 or 30, but won't carry them 100% of the time, but will my .357 LCR. Can't stovepipe or jam either. I do keep one of the .45's close, though.

drjim said...

That's why I bought my wife a revolver, a S&W TRR-8.
If she can't handle the problem with 8 rounds of 357 Mag, well, the shotgun is right next to the bed if she needs it.

Shell said...

Amen, Kenny. When my wife took a job in the ghetto I insisted that she take a training course, get her CCW, and carry a pistol. Being that she was a total newbie at it I got her a S&W .38 snubbie. For one, as Kim du Toit was wont to say, "It's like a hammer - you pick it up and it works." For two, given what she may encounter, if five well-placed rounds don't do it, it ain't gonna get done.

Roswell said...

It's the model 66 along with the 12 ga. that pulls duty at my place. I'm completely comfortable with that combo!